volatiles are a unique, digitally controlled concept of sophisticated glass mosaics creating mesmerizing light scenes for domestic and business spaces.

Light fixtures are no longer limited to traditional shapes based on light bulb design. Thanks to the arrival of advanced and digitally controllable LED technology, lighting can be seamlessly integrated into any surface of our home: directly into walls, ceilings and even floors.


With volatiles, bathrooms no longer are just functional cleaning spaces but become ‘healing places’ for mind and body. A place to separate yourself, relax and recharge your batteries, away from a stressful life. Glass mosaics and mosaic tiles have been for decades if not centuries a popular décor for bathing areas. With volatiles, you can bring this traditional design to the next level: get inspired with fascinating, soothing light scenes that transform your bathroom to a totally different setting. Create the perfect relaxing atmosphere for your personal safe haven.

Image showing volatiles mosaic tiles with manual touch control


Our all-day life at home typically centers around the dinner table and in the kitchen. With volatiles, you can refine these everyday spaces with illuminated glass mosaic tiles and give it a complete transformation. The mosaic light tiles are especially useful in the kitchen area as they can adapt to any particular situation. This way you can adjust the perfect light color and brightness level for cooking, your daily breakfast or an aperitif with guests – and impress as a host by offering a unique design experience.

Image showing volatiles mosaic tiles in a creative shape set-up


Illuminate your domestic space with lighting that can change its mood at a sweep of your fingertips. Either by using interactive touch-based or app enabled control, volatiles lighting modules bring magic to every living room. What’s more to say: the mosaic tiles also look highly attractive when not illuminated. Glass mosaic tiles are very classy on their own, but combined with smooth LED lighting they are all the more charming.

Image showing volatiles mosaic tiles with a vibrant colors


volatiles lighting modules are excellent to add a signature to all commercial areas. The illuminated glass mosaic tiles will draw attention and evoke enthusiast responses in a reception area, entrance hall, office space, a waiting area or in a hotel lobby or bar and greatly help to align spaces with your brand identity. The size and set-up of the volatile concept are flexible, as well as its color and pattern. Volatiles can be adapted to your own corporate design and even install your company’s logo on your illuminated walls..


Spa and wellness facilities do not only offer their guests an escape from daily life’s hustle and bustle, but they can also be magical spaces that offer an enchanting experience for all your nerves and senses. With volatiles illuminated mosaic tiles applied to your walls, ceilings or floors, you can create an individual lighting concept for every customer and every occasion. Therefore, create the perfect finish to the holistic approach of your wellness dome.