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Surface Design Show 2019: Discover Appealing Luminous Textures and Surfaces

Over 150 exhibitors will be showcasing the latest Surface Materials and Trends at the Surface Design Show 2019 in London. Architects, designers, buyers, specifiers and decision makers gather together at the Business Design Center from February 05-07, 2019 to source products, meet suppliers, network, learn from industry professionals, gain new insights and connect with innovative and exciting materials. Luminous Concepts will be present at the show to support the team of Lightly Technologies on the latest innovations on 3D Printed Optics, Optographix and optically clear textured surfaces and finishes.

Luminous Concepts in London

For the first time in its history, Luminous Concepts will be present at the show to connect to the latest technology innovations. We will join the booth of Lightly Technologies to support their fantastic story of novel LED panel lighting combined with colorful Optographix artistry for branding and interior design. London, the world’s capital today for lighting design specification, is home to over 100+ lighting design practices.

Image showing Lightly Technologies logo 3D printed by Luximprint

Light as a Build Material

At Luminous Concepts, we believe that the future of architectural lighting is totally different from today. By considering light from an interior design perspective rather than a module, light becomes a ‘living material’ and an integrated part of the overall space design process.

Our approach including the brands we represent have a strong focus on functional design, material research and technological innovation. It’s our passion to turn any public or residential area into a living space, where functional and mood lighting are an integral part of the overall architecture.

Beautiful patterns of light create visual richness and enhance the distinctiveness of a space, creating new opportunities to add your personal or company signature to spaces.

Surface Design Show – Connect with Us!

We will be on-site all days of the show to support the team of Lightly Technologies to address any of your questions related to printed optics and Optographix. Please don’t hesitate to contact us and set a meeting, or just stop by once you are around!

Opening times:
Tuesday February 05: 6pm-9pm
Wednesday February 06: 11am-9pm
Thursday February 07: 11am-5pm

You can find Luminous Concepts at the Lightly Technologies booth #LS451 in the Light School area.

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