Project Description

Lightly Technologies Interactive Event Display

For Lightly Technologies, a revolutionary lighting start-up from Dublin, we created a stunning and interactive wall-display including a variety of colorful optical illustrations and artwork. With three major shows in the second half of 2018, darc room, Luxlive and darc night 2018, Lightly’s presence was greatly illustrated with the richness of optical, luster and interactive effects.

Hikari SQ and Optographix

Using the purity of light, the richness of colors and novel optical 3D printing technology from Luximprint in combination with Lightly’s flagship product ‘Hikari SQ’, an appealing wall-mounted display has been created to demonstrate the capabilities of integrating Lightly’s ultra-flat LED light panels for use in a decorative manner rather than functional way.

Image by Luminous Concepts showing colorful display incorporating various Optographix designs

The display was a great and eye-catching tool to trigger creative Lighting and Interior Designers, aiming to inspire them how to use Hikari SQ LED panels as backlighting support for branding, signage and artistry.

Wireless Casambi App Control

To enhance the user interaction, the display was programmed using innovative lighting controls. Multiple Casambi units ensured the power of any of the light panels were individually controllable, and the light effects could be adjusted to the right mood using a tablet or smartphone.

Infographic about Casambi system assembly and possibilities.

Casambi offers user-friendly and system-independently lighting control systems for the modern world via wireless applications. Image courtesy of Casambi.

We joyfully use the Lightly LED panels in our projects. Thanks to their great versatility, uniform and bright light output, reliability and mounting simplicity. They have proven to be a great and easy to assemble build-block for lighting system design and engineering and temporary project applications.

With different color temperatures in the make and more innovations to come, we look greatly forward to our next project challenge together!