We are a passionate collective of creative lighting and interior design consultants promoting a wide range of novel technologies for integrated lighting application.

Driven by wild and untamed creativity, exquisite design and an obstinate necessity to innovate, we transform spaces and experiences through the use (and misuse) of novel technology.

Our lighting and interior design concepts are bridging the gap between traditional static build materials and digital technology with dynamically changing materials and light effects.

Being fully programmable, property owners can now integrate endless materials with changeable colors, textures and patterns, while at the same time taking benefit of the latest integrated, long-lasting and cost-efficient lighting technology.

Image of global Lumiconcepts Team of Lighting Professionals

Our work to date has been consultation on planning, lighting design, and specification of integrated and interactive lighting solutions affecting the visual environment in architecture, events and project planning, with commercial ties to contracting and product distribution.


It’s our passion to turn any public or residential area into a living space, where functional and mood lighting are an integral part of the overall architecture. Our passionate design consultants breath life into your space through adding beautiful form and function in its purest natural essence.


Luminous Concepts gives interior designers, architects and decorators a unique new freedom to differentiate spaces with colors, textures, lighting, patterns, and (interactive) movement.

Picture of purple illuminated texture representing Luminous Concepts brand identity


Patterns of light in architectural surfaces create visual richness and enhance the distinctiveness of a space by using the inherit beauty of the build materials itself.

Picture showing a chandelier with fibre optics and leaves creating a brillant play of light in the space.


Sparkling Light Effects used to enhance overall ambiance. Indirect illumination by brilliants excites the optic nerves and creates fabulous sparkling of light.

Picture of light adding a personal or branded touch to the illuminated space or object.


Light used as visual brand recognition. Enhance brand awareness by stressing corporate color tones through light in a visual or mood lighting matter.


We are committed to add a custom signature of light in every project task we take on.

Above all, we want our clients to share the confidence and excitement of what we realized together. Light needs to contribute to the overall ambiance of the space, and should be experienced in both visible and invisible ways.


We price our projects on a case by case basis. The concepts displayed at our website are an impression of the projects we have realized for our clients, both large and small. We define together the best solution for your specific project case and budget. Contact us for your tailored offer!